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Trinity Wars v2.0 – Multiplayer Space Battle Simulation Online Game

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Trinity Wars v2.0 – Multiplayer Space Battle Simulation Online Game

Post by whiteangel2 on Sat 03 Jul 2010, 08:56

Hi friends, I'm playing Trinity Wars, and I want to invite you all to join and enjoy with this great community.

You won't need any scripts, plugins or addons ( flash player for example ) to play the game. Just a browser.
DO NOT PLAY IF YOU USE IE ( Or play but ignore the bugs you see on the login pages and maybe in-game also ).

Short: It's a space simulation ORPG. Something like an O-game clone but it's not using any illegal files and has a bit more features.

Has 4 servers:
I - Low Speed - Game X 10 - Fleet X 5 - Production( Resources/Raw materials)X2
II - High Speed - Game X 100 - Fleet X 50 - Production( Resources/Raw materials) X 4
III - Premium Server - Designed just for premium upgraded users, only the admin can create accounts here - Game X500 - Fleet X100 - Production X10
IV - Event Server - This one is available just for events and has custom rates depending on the event.

Well they have referrals, planets, colonies, ships, buildings, researches, chat, shipyard, defences, marketplace, dealer, officer, simulator, vote system, lottery, bank, blog and so much more ...

Thank you all and have a nice day.

See ya in the war.


Event: You don't need the link as the accounts are deleted before every event.

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